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 Eunice BancuName: Eunice Bancu Aldrich
Leadership Role: Choir Director
Birthplace: Romania
Occupation: Currently working on my master’s degree in Piano Performance.
Experience: Choir director experience, 20 years of piano experience, 15 years of accompanist experience.
Hobbies: Playing Piano, listening to music, cooking, hiking, gardening.
Community Involvement: Piano accompanist for a church twice a month, part of a music group.
Personal Life: Started my music education in Romania, and continued after I moved to the United States. Attended UC Davis for my undergraduate music degree, and now I’m a graduate student at Sacramento State, studying piano with Richard Cionco. I live in Sacramento with my wonderful husband. We enjoy singing together.

Hopes for Saint Francis: I hope to continue to be a blessing for others as I continue to lead the choir in developing and using their voices to the fullest, for the glory of God.