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Day: Mondays
Time: 10-11:00 AM
Place: Youth Room (Room 3)
Heart and Soul is an in-depth study of the Bible. It began as a study of Jesus’s words in the gospels, and after studying this for over a year, the group has moved on to the Acts of the Apostles. The group takes a chapter each week, reading it first at home and then together at their meeting. They discuss the chapter, using notes in study Bibles, and many times looking back to the gospels or other books in the Bible. When they are finished with Acts, they will decide which book of the Bible to study next. All are welcome to join at any time!

“God’s guidance has gently worked within this group to create a safe supportive learning environment for our inquisitive hearts and souls. No question about our spiritual life is treated lightly. It is so refreshing and heartening to be able to talk about God.”