Beth Hamlet
Vestry Member Name: Elizabeth Hamlet
Current Leadership Roles: Pledge Treasurer and Senior Produce Market. Lay Licensed Preacher 

Past Leadership Roles: I have been a Saint Francis Sunday School teacher, Convention Delegate, and founding member of the BRAINS Bible Study. I served as the Parish Secretary for four years

Current Ministry Roles: A current member of the Worship Team as a Eucharistic Minister.
Community Involvement: I am a widowed mom of two autistic sons- Joseph, 19, and Patrick, 13. This has brought me into contact with many other special-needs parents and organizations in the Sacramento area. I have served many times as an election-day poll worker and inspector. My children and I participate in various programs offered by Sunrise Parks & Recreation District.
I am fed and nurtured at Saint Francis by: Serving as a Worship Leader, reading lessons to the congregation, leading prayers, and serving Holy Communion. The many friendships I have made during my time at Saint Francis. Becoming a Vestry member and gaining a greater understanding of the inner workings of the parish.
The mission and outreach of Saint Francis is . . . To serve as the local Episcopal parish for the areas of Fair Oaks and Orangevale and the City of Citrus Heights. To grow steadily in outreach activity and in partnership with fellow organizations locally, nationally, and globally. To recognize the gifts of all our members and give them the opportunity to utilize them for the betterment of St. Francis, the Church as a whole, the local community, and all humankind.
Member at Saint Francis Since: 1999
Episcopalian since: Cradle. 
Birthplace: Mountain View, California
Occupation and Employers: I was the Parish Secretary of Saint Francis for four years, 2008-2012. I currently work for the San Juan Unified School District as a substitute school secretary. I have also been a special-ed classroom aide and an early-childhood program aide for San Juan. In the past, I have been a librarian, a secretary, a professional actor, and a technical support engineer.

Personal Information: My family has attended Saint Francis since we relocated from the Bay Area to Citrus Heights in the summer of 1999. Our youngest child, Patrick, was born here and baptized at Saint Francis. My husband Marc, who passed away, is now interred in the Saint Francis Columbarium.