Saint Francis Church is a small Episcopal congregation of under 100 members. On any Sunday you are likely to meet some 50-60 of our members during our 9am worship. Saint Francis Church is more than a small Episcopal congregation; we are also the host church of a diverse, multi-religious campus where all our neighbors in faith seek to live holy, humble and just lives. Every week over 500 people visit our campus! We hope you will visit us soon too!

Whether you come to join in our weekly worship or regularly visit us online you will be connected to the Spirit of God working in and through us, the Anglican Communion and people of faith around the world. Here at Saint Francis we are passionate about worship, preaching, fellowship and outreach. As a congregation we give 10% of our budget to outreach supporting local, national and international ministries. If you want more of a glimpse of the life of our church listen to the weekly sermon. Further deepen your journey with posted Sermons That Matter from churches across the United States and around the world.

If Sundays are busy for you, come see us on Tuesday mornings at 10am for our Produce Market where you will have the opportunity to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. If you are not sure where you are on the journey of faith call me to arrange for an introductory conversation.

Thank you for visiting us online! May the Lord of Light, Hope and Love be with you and all you love this day.

with abundant hope in Christ,

Rev. Joe